Meet Our Community Of Pahadi Women

When Himalayan Haat started out, our focus was to create income opportunities for pahadi women. Women who typically have little or no job opportunities yet a burden to provide for their families (amid high rates of alcoholism & unemployment among the menfolk here). But, honestly, the most beautiful by-product of Himalayan Haat is a sense of belonging and community.

Most of the women say that their favourite thing about HH is getting away from the tensions of home for a while, others say friendship. We have both matriarchs and silent sufferers; women just trying to get by and others who are very ambitious. Each learning something from the other. This is a space where women can share what they want to – there will always be an empathetic ear. Advice, encouragement, songs and jokes flow freely.

The atmosphere gets jubilant when there is a wedding or birth at a home – invariably pakodis and puris in paper potlis make their way to be enjoyed with chai the next day. The mood is sombre and we mourn together when a tragedy unfolds, and there have been many.

This community spills outside of the farm, too. Ladies marching to the tehsil to demand the closing down of a nearby liquor shop or gathering outside Neetu’s* home and rescuing her from her abusive drunk husband at night. Community is powerful and we all need it.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Women’s Day from our vibrant pahadi community.

All Himalayan Haat products are made by a community of incredible pahadi women.

A few years ago, we had a handful of ladies from the nearest village. Today, three villages are represented in this picture, as is a wide range of ages. It’s exciting to think how much more vibrant and diverse our community will get over the coming years!