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Our Ladies

"I am over 50 years old and this is my first job. I am happy that I don't have to completely depend on my son for rations anymore. I like working at Himalayan Haat as I get to meet and socialise with other women.”
“After starting working with Himalayan Haat I don’t have to go far into the forest anymore for grass as I can collect it from the farm. I am in charge of the sterilizing, filling and canning of the bottles.”
“I was married at the age of 14. I have done odd labour jobs before - mostly coolie work like carrying stones for construction. When I come to the farm I forget all the tensions and worries of home for a few hours.”
“I have three kids and I can't work full time. Himalayan Haat gives me a chance to continue earning at my convenience I get paid by the hour so I can come when it suits me. I like to make the herbal teas and salts.”
“I started to work at Himalayan Haat when things were tough at home. Today, things are stable and I am able to give my daughters a good education. I take care of the drying, mixing and filling of the different herbal teas.”
“I have been working at Himalayan Haat for a few years now. I do a lot of the preparation for making coolers and sauces. I have also learnt how to make apple cider vinegar. It’s a great feeling to be able to support the family financially.”
“All my life I only did household work and remained busy in the family. Since the time I started working at Himalayan Haat, I feel more confident and independent. My husband doesn’t have a permanent job so I am glad that I can also support my family.”
“I am from Nepal but I have been in Himachal and Uttarakhand for many years. And now my husband I have made Marrora Farm our home. My job mostly includes planting seeds and saplings and looking after the trees and fields and harvesting the fruits.”
“I am a grandmother of 5. I have been a part of Himalayan Haat since the beginning when there were just 3 or 4 of us – today there are about 20 ladies. I do many different things here like juicing lemons, cutting fruit and grinding salt.”
Himalayan Haat is my first job ever. I’ve been working here from past 9-10 months. Now I also contribute financially to the family. It’s a great feeling! I’ve also opened a bank account recently to start saving money for my children’s higher education.”
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