This Woman Uses Recycled Items To Create Her Garden

Vijeshwari stands proudly next to her garden created from old tyres, trunks and pipes!

Mrs Vijeshwari Chand, a retired government employee, is an inspiration for all gardening enthusiasts. She has created a beautiful garden out of recycled items around her Pauri Garhwal residence. In this little green paradise, old jerrycans, plastic buckets and tubs, tyres and tin trunks get a second lease of life as plant holders.

Old plastic jars are transformed into succulent pot holders.

A mum of two and a grandmother of a one-year-old, Vijeshwari dedicated 36 years of her life serving people in the remote areas of Uttarakhand. During her service life, she would travel across different districts for most of the month, getting just a handful of days at home. In spite of her many responsibilities and limited time at home, her passion for gardening only flourished.

Strawberries in discarded PVC pipes.

When she ran out of space, Vijeshwari adopted some creative gardening ideas. She started using unwanted and waste items as planters. You can spot beautiful flowers blooming out of dustbins and old jerrycans, and strawberries growing in PVC pipes. She uses almost everything from tyres to old trunks to old utensils for planting flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Lettuce can grow in tin trunks, too!
Get some inspiration from Vijeshwari’s garden for your new DIY garden project:
Geraniums bloom out of PVC pipes.
Painted tyres look great with creepers.
Old plastic jerrycans and buckets put to good use.
Even old dustbins are not thrown away!
Vijeshwari literally uses whatever she can get her hands on!

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