7 Awesome Recipes To Try With Plum Jam

Plums are not only full of flavour but good for your overall health too. This stone fruit is rich in vitamin C that boosts immunity and promotes great skin. Eating plums increases the antioxidants levels in our bodies and can help reduce anxiety. 

Plums are seasonal so homemade plum preserve is a great way to savour this juicy fruit year-round. Fully ripened plums are sweet and juicy from the inside with a perfect balance of tanginess in the skin. Himalayan Haat’s Tangy Plum Preserve tastes just like that. Plus, a hint of cinnamon makes for a winning combination.

There’s a lot that you can do with plum jam. We have curated a list of seven delectable recipes that you can make with a jar of Himalayan Haat’s plum preserve.

*Note: Himalayan Haat’s Plum Preserve has low sugar and no pectin, so the consistency is not as firm as store-bought jams. If your recipe needs thick jam, consider simmering it down to thicken it.

recipes with plum jam

1. Plum-Jam Crumb Cake – A gem from Martha Stewart! You will definitely love this cake loaded with the goodness of plums from the inside and buttery crumbs on the top.

2. Plum Jam Thumbprint Cookies – Let you kids help you bake these cookies. It’s a great – and delicious – way to keep them busy!

3. Classic Italian Pie – We tried this over the weekend. Our Tangy Plum & Cinnamon Preserve will make this pie even more flavourful. Trust us, we’re still craving for more!

4. Breakfast Oatmeal Bars With Plum Jam – When life gives you plum jam, make jam bars. You can leave out cinnamon from the recipe if you are using Himalayan Haat’s Plum & Cinnamon Preserve.

5. Gingerbread Rolls With Plum Jam – Add this Gingerbread Muffin to your hi-tea menu. The flavour of gingerbread mixed with the tanginess and cinnamon flavour of Himalayan Haat’s plum preserve… It’s just mindblowing!

6. Plum Delicious Chicken – Ever tried chicken with plum jam? This baked chicken recipe with just a handful of ingredients will probably change your mind. It is so simple to make that even a first-timer can nail it.

7. Spiced Plum Jam Gin Cocktail – The warm flavours of this plum gin cocktail make it ideal for the fall and the winter season.

Haven’t we given you ample reason to order yourself a bottle of Himalayan Haat’s plum preserve?

Which recipe will you try first? Leave us a comment.

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