3 Mistakes Ruining Your Herbal Infusion

Herbal infusions are a great way to consume the flavour from your favourite herbs. Though making herbal infusions quick, it is also very important to make sure that the herbs are steeped long enough to get the right amount of flavour. If steeped for a longer time, the herbal infusion may turn bitter.

Here we have shared three common mistakes to avoid while brewing herbal infusions.

  1. Adding Milk

    Herbal infusions are made by blending dried herbs, flowers, leaves, fruit etc. Some of these may not agree with milk. Also, milk can overpower the more delicate flavours.

  2. Not Using The Right Temperature Water

    Some herbs/flowers need to be steeped at a certain temperature to release their full flavour. Water that is just coming to a boil (100°C ) is ideal for brewing most herbal infusions.

  3. Not Coveringh The Pot With A Lid

    Herbal infusions are rich in nutrients, vitamins and also essential oils. Cover your pot or cup while brewing to preserve these precious volatile oils!

By avoiding these simple mistakes you can brew yourself a great cup of herbal infusion. Enjoy!

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