Meet Our Himalayan Haat Ladies – Part 1

The other day I was asked why Himalayan Haat doesn’t make and sell loose herbal infusions along with our teabags. The answer was simple – making teabags means more work for our ladies. As a result, Damini and Vimla get to fill the teabags, Babita seals them, Komal and Gudiya add the tags, and Anita and Pushpa package them in the boxes.

It’s the same reason why we would rather make preserves, coolers and herbed salts than simply sell our fruit and herbs, even though the latter is quicker and lesser effort. After all, the main point of Himalayan Haat is to teach our pahadi ladies to create something valuable and wholesome that they can be proud of. And, more importantly, to help them keep their kitchen fires going, send their kids to school and kick-start their journeys to financial independence.

Are you ready to meet some of our Himalayan Haat ladies?

himalayan haat ladiesSapna is studying in college and training to be a beautician. She’s soft-spoken and meticulous. Her super-power: cracking walnuts and packaging preserve bottles.




Babita shimalayan haat ladiesingle-handedly supervised all the chamomile drying and packaging this year. She takes so much pride in Himalayan Haat’s products. You can read more about the many benefits of Chamomile Tea here.



himalayan haat ladiesDeveshwari is a grandmother who can’t stop cracking jokes and making everybody laugh. She’s a real tough no-nonsense lady – the kinds we love!



himalayan haat ladies

Sundari has a magic green thumb and knows farming inside out. She’s the one who has collected most of the chamomile flowers this season. She’s got the kindest eyes and the biggest smile.





himalayan haat ladies

Shashi (first from the left) works so hard and so well! Right from cutting fruit to juicing lemons – she’s always keen to get going and forgets about the time.





himalayan haat ladiesDeepa is a proud young mother of two kids. She helps with the sterilising and canning of the bottles. She is a quick learner and prepares most of the herbed salts and our apple cider vinegar.





These ladies are the ones who carefully and lovingly prepare all of Himalayan Haat’s products. You can check out all the stuff that our Himalayan Haat ladies have prepared for you! Click the button below to explore and order your mountain goodies.

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