Online Shopping and Deliveries During COVID-19

Even as lockdown restrictions ease, we all know that COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon. Online shopping and home deliveries of have saved the day and here’s how you can safely shop and receive deliveries.

Himalayan Haat has been operational throughout the lockdown period, making and delivering essential groceries to our customers across India. We are sharing some more details about how we are operating to answer any doubts that you may have.

Is it safe for me to order products from Himalayan Haat?

Yes, absolutely! The safety of our family, employees and customers is paramount.

Our Farm Kitchen: Himalayan Haat products are all made in our farmhouse (also inhabited by two tiny kids and a senior citizen!) which is cleaned and sanitized several times a day. 

We have a reduced workforce to ensure that social distancing is maintained at all times.

In our kitchen, only four women work at a time. They are kitted out with masks, hair scarves and aprons, and wash their hands multiple times during their shift. All raw produce is thoroughly washed and sanitized as well.

Our Products: Our preserves, coolers and sauces are thoroughly cooked and the bottles are sterilized in boiling water before filling. After they are filled, these bottles are again processed in boiling water.

Packaging and Deliveries: Himalayan Haat’s distribution centre in Delhi is repeatedly cleaned and sanitized. Here, a single person – armed with a mask, gloves, and sanitizer – is looking after the packaging and dispatches, ensuring minimal exposure. Each jar is sanitized before being packed.

Our delivery staff in Delhi and NCR practise contactless deliveries. They will keep the packet wherever you want them to – keeping a distance. For deliveries outside Delhi, we have tie-ups with leading courier companies that are taking all the precautions to ensure safe and contactless deliveries.

Once you get the package, discard the outer bag or box (or keep aside for 2 days and it’s good to reuse) and take out the Himalayan Haat products. Wash your hands thoroughly. Our bottles are already sanitized before packaging. If you want, you can leave them untouched for 24 hours or sanitize the bottles as an added precautionary step.

You can use the same steps for receiving any other home deliveries, too.

In these uncertain times, online shopping is the safest way to get what you need while staying at home. The Himalayan Haat team is glad to be able to continue serving you.

We are shipping pan-India. 

Stay home. Stay Safe. Order online and enjoy our farm-fresh mountain goodies from the comfort of your home!