Dried Himalayan Peppermint (40gm)


This refreshing peppermint is grown on our natural farm in the pristine Himalayas, away from any dust, pollution and chemicals. Peppermint is loaded with health benefits and will help boost your immunity, aid in weight loss, heal your gut and soothe digestive issues.

Use it to make a refreshing and energizing tea. It can also be powdered and added to salads, vegetables and soups for added flavour.

(Approx 40gm)

Only 7 left in stock (can be pre-ordered)


Use our handpicked and shade-dried peppermint to make a refreshing tea. The menthol present in peppermint helps soothe an upset stomach and relieves indigestion. It also boosts immunity, helps in weight loss and offers relief from inflammation. 

Approx 40gm


* Naturally Grown Dried Peppermint Leaves


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