Malta Orange Marmalade

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A zesty slow-cooked marmalade made the old-fashioned way with Himalayan malta oranges.

No added colour or flavours or pectin. Vegan. 
Hand-Cut Zest. Zero preservatives. Gluten-free.

Ingredients: Himalayan Maltas, Raw Organic Sugar (Khand), Lemon Juice

Suggestions: Spread on toast, slather on crackers or enjoy on a cheeseboard.

Storage: Store up to 12 months unopened. Refrigerate after opening and use within 2 to 3 months. Do not use a wet spoon.

240gm | 340gm

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340gm, 240gm

2 reviews for Malta Orange Marmalade

  1. Alka

    This is a gem that you’ve go to try! As someone who has never been a fan of marmalades are they’re either too bitter or just fake-sweet, this one has me hooked! Everyone at home loves it – its got a perfect flavour balance.

  2. Sangeeta Bahuguna

    HH’s Malta Marmalade – we’re talking real, old-style marmalade here! I truly believe that HH’s products and processes can be ranked right up there with the best in the world.
    What one gets in the market in the name of marmalade, even from so-called premium brands, is strands of over-processed rind, suspended in a sugary, gelatinous glop! But HH’s marmalade is just real rind and pulp, with the smell and texture of the real fruit INTACT! I would choose this over a commercially-produced/mass produced marmalade any day and every time. It’s heaven of a piece of hot, buttered toast. I’ve even used it (combined with mustard sauce) to coat my baked chicken thigh and it turned out fab!

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