Malta Cooler

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This refreshing homemade concentrate has been made with freshly plucked pesticide-free maltas. It is made with freshly squeezed malta and lemon juice and is without any preservatives.

Mix with 3 to 4 parts chilled water to taste.
Store up to 12 months unopened. Refrigerate after opening. Use within 4 to 6 weeks.

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This citrusy cooler is made with freshly plucked, 100% naturally grown maltas (variety of orange) from our farm. Just what you need on a warm day!

Natural/Organic Ingredients:

* Malta Juice
* Lemon Juice
* Organic Sugar

3 reviews for Malta Cooler

  1. Lisa Maria (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the Malta Cooler ! Makes quite a few glasses for 500 ml . Very happy with this product.

  2. Tarun Agarwal (verified owner)

    The Malta Cooler is an absolute favorite at my home. Tried out multiple options while looking for preservative and pesticide free concentrates for my little one. My search ended at this one. Absolutely tasty and not loaded with sugar. Looking beyond the product, the team is doing an amazing job empowering women. Just the perfect balance of taste and goodness. Have ordered online multiple times – always delivered in perfect packaging.

    • Divya (verified owner)

      Thank you Tarun! It is always a delight to serve you.

  3. Swaati Chattopadhyay (verified owner)

    Heaven in a bottle, on a hot summer day. There’s always a bottle of Malta Cooler in my fridge in the summers, to stir up a quick refresher when the hot Delhi winds are howling outside and sucking the lifeforce out of us. Never call it a squash because it’s probably a hundred times more fruit per tablespoon. The aroma of this cooler has wowed each and every guest I have served it to. Oh and Malta Cooler + gin + ice = best cocktail ever.

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