Lemongrass and Chamomile Infusion


(shade-dried lemongrass and chamomile | 30gm | approx 20-25 teacups)
A cup of this lemongrass and chamomile infusion soothes and invigorates at every sip. Some of the benefits of this infusion are:

* Reduces anxiety
* Aids digestion
* Boosts metabolism
* Soothes muscle pain
* Promotes sleep
* Builds immunity against cold and flu
* Promotes great skin and hair with Vitamins A and C

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Lemongrass and chamomile are both super herbs, each loaded with many health benefits. These two come together in this fragrant and refreshing herbal infusion. 

Directions for use: Use a teaspoon of Himalayan Haat’s infusion per teacup. Pour boiling hot water over the infusion, cover and allow to brew for a few minutes. Strain and enjoy with or without honey.


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