Citrus-Cinnamon-Chamomile Infusion

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(shade-dried malta zest, cinnamon leaves and chamomile | 30gm | approx 20-25 teacups)
Chamomile is known to reduce anxiety and stress, promote sleep, soothe muscle pain, boost immunity and more. Cinnamon helps to control blood sugar and fights pain. Citrus peels are packed with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Add boiling water to make a beautiful golden and fragrant herbal tea.

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Carefully picked and dried chamomile flowers, tangy citrus zest and hand-cut cinnamon leaves make an exotic and soothing herbal infusion. 

Directions for use: Use a teaspoon of Himalayan Haat’s infusion per teacup. Pour boiling hot water over the infusion, cover and allow to brew for a few minutes. Strain and enjoy with or without honey.

2 reviews for Citrus-Cinnamon-Chamomile Infusion

  1. Priyadarshni Bothra

    The best chamomile infusion I’ve had. It’s just so refreshing.
    Also all the products from Himalayan Haat fills your heart with warmth because of the love these phenomenal ladies put while preparing all their wonderful products 💕

  2. Preeti Kulegi (verified owner)

    Just amazing!! Specially the tangy smell and flavour. And Currently salivating while writing this because I love love this tea.

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